Saturday, February 24, 2007

Celebrities doing drugs In public!

Celebrities really do get away with a lot of things. Including doing drugs in public.

First, Ashlee Simpson and a large group of friends (including Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy) were supposedly spotted smoking marijuana at Dolce, a resturant in Los Angeles. At least when they were asked to put it out, they did.

Second, Cameron Diaz and gal pal Drew Barrymore took a smoke break while surfing to smoke a joint. For pictures, go to

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Rehab could help Britney in more ways than one

We all know by now that Britney is in rehab now for the 3rd time in one week. But it looks like it could be helping her in more ways than just getting her clean. Attorneys have said that if Britney completes the rehab program, it will help her in court to get custody of children Sean Preston and Jayden James.

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Suze Orman a lesbian

In an interview for The New York Times, Orman, 55, reveals she's a lesbian and is a virgin. She also revealed that her "life partner" is girlfriend Kathy Travis. They've been going out for 7 years.

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Hilary Duff does Maxim

"I don't know when she will be on Maxim.. But she is doing a photo shoot for Maxim today. She was talking to my local radio DJ i believe wednesay because the interview was posted on the radio station..Thursday 02-22-2007 5:13 pm."

Source: PetezHot from JJB.

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